• We are a Direct Selling Company registered with Registrar of Companies and working in accordance to Ministry of Consumer Affairs Direct Selling guidelines (2016).
  • We are not a Ponzi Scheme / Pyramid scheme / Chit Fund / Investment Company.
  • We do not offer you Easy Money / Get Rich Quick Schemes.
  • We offer you value for money products and sole aim of business is sales of the goods.
  • Uni Finanzo Pvt. Ltd. is a Direct Selling entity. By buying a product from Uni Finanzo, you are only buying product for yourself usage and there is no investment or expectation of any kind of returns from your purchase.
  • To become a direct seller, you do not require to pay any entry / registration / enrolment / membership fee, cost of sales demonstration equipment and materials or any other fees.
  • Just by purchasing a product from us does not entitle you for any income. To receive income from this business opportunity, firstly you need to become a direct seller of the company by complying with necessary regulations. Your income will solely depend on the sales that you and your team generate. You need to put in the time and effort to see results.
  • All incomes / commissions / remunerations are ONLY sales based. There is NO salaried job / employment for Uni Finanzo Direct sellers.
  • Direct sellers can earn commission only by selling our products. In case you are unable to sell our products you will not earn any income from us.
  • We have various rewards for direct sellers that are given only by achieving milestones.
  • The products & invoice are issued post payment and verbal confirmation on Tele calling is made to you. The company puts in best efforts to make your purchase a pleasure experience and avoid any miscommunication or wrong commitments at time of sale. At the time of verification call, you can also ask for refund if you wish to. But please note the refund takes 30 days time after submission of your bank details. So it's a request not to follow us up before 30 days as it will be automatically transferred to your account.
  • Direct Sellers are issued ID cards by Uni Finanzo Pvt. Ltd. which is valid for 1 YEAR. Renewal subject to terms and condition of the company. This ensures that he is authorized to sell and have proper training about the products. Check ID card of the Direct Seller before making payment.
  • Direct Sellers are not authorized to collect cash on behalf of Uni Finanzo Pvt. Ltd.
  • Phone: (+91) 8800115571
  • support@unifinanzo.com
  • I am very busy. I don’t have
    time to do this business.

    We understand. But do you really want to be this busy for your entire life?
    Don’t you want to build your own pipeline, where you can keep earning even if you stop working?

  • I don’t like
    Convincing /Requesting /Selling people.

    Like you, 99.99% of Network Marketers don’t like convincing/requesting/selling people.
    That’s why Network Marketing is the best profession for you and them.

  • Make it happen Now, Not Tomorrow,
    Tomorrow is a Loser's Excuse

    Start today, not tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes. Stop lying to yourself,
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Welcome to UNI Finanzo

We are a young, dynamic, technology driven organization working in a healthy and competitive environment to contribute to the very existence of the society. the Society which instils desire to continually Innovate, Improvise, Succeed, Flourish, and Enjoy the very existence of Mankind. Mission of Uni Finanzo Pvt. Ltd. is to help people live a meaningful life through various benefits & also transform the society & our Nation as a whole through Entrepreneurship. A person can acquire knowledge, can put it to constructive use and earn one’s livelihood through us. You can get all the benefits of this amazing business concept, provided you participate in a Social Mission.

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Now comes even the greater surprise – What do you have to do to earn in this business? It must be something tough!

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So many computer courses are provided so that people from any background with any requirement can find their necessary computer courses in this package.

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Our Mission is to build Leadership and enterpreneur skills in youth of our Nation to create enormous employment opportunities.


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