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Frequently ask questions

I am very busy. I don’t have time to do this business.

We understand. But do you really want to be this busy for your entire life? Don’t you want to build your own pipeline, where you can keep earning even if you stop working? Don’t you wish to spend more time with yourself, with your friends & family, doing what you love? If you want, then can’t you manage 2-3 hours/day for coming 3-5 years, when you know that can give your 2 Lakh/month, free time & many other benefits? If you don’t even have this 2-3 hours/day now, then ask yourself honestly – is it really worth doing what you are currently doing? If you can understand that Uni Finanzo can give you the exact life you want, we know you can manage time for it anyhow.

I don’t know much people with whom I can share about the business.

I don’t like convincing/requesting/selling people.

Like you, 99.99% of Network Marketers don’t like convincing/requesting/selling people. That’s why Network Marketing is the best profession for you and them. I’d recommend you to go back to the business plan again and see that you don’t have to convince/request/sell anyone, what you have to do is to just share about this business concept, like you share anything & everything you like. Also you don’t want just anyone to join your team, you should find out and select only those people who have big dreams, learning attitude & who are willing to work hard until they succeed. Don’t forget that YOU will be giving people opportunity, then why should you request? Have you ever seen any company or govt. requesting any job applicant to take the job?

Will I receive Certificate for the course cleared?

Yes, after completing all the assessments for the selected course, You will be able to download your certificate for the course online.

I or someone I know joined Network marketing earlier but didn’t succeed.

See like any industry, in Network Marketing, there are many companies which are not as good as Uni Finanzo or other top Network Marketing companies. As you don’t judge Dove soap, just because you didn’t like Nima Rose or you don’t judge Samsung mobile, just because your China handset got damaged soon; you shouldn’t judge Uni Finanzo or Network Marketing industry by someone’s past experience with just any other company.  Even many people who are associated with Uni Finanzo or good Network Marketing companies, fails to succeed in this business. Because of many reasons:

  • Not being properly trained.
  • Not following a proper step by step duplicable system.
  • Giving up too soon. Most successful leaders of this profession stayed with it for more than 5 years. But most who fail, gave up within first year.
  • Not having the self-discipline to work regularly at home, when no boss was supervising.
  • Being discouraged too easily because of rejection by family, friends.
  • Being affected by negative people, who either didn’t know anything about this profession or failed for these reasons. …many more reasons.

If you are willing to succeed, you’ll have proper guidance this time from our team- that’s for sure.

Is the company/Network marketing legal? What if the company get closed?

As I told you before, Network Marketing is not only legal, but also much better marketing system that traditional methods of advertising. Regarding legality of Uni Finanzo, It has been all mentioned on the website.

My Team members are working very hard and I am getting commissions due to the business generated by them. Would I continue to earn commissions forever, if I keep on maintaining my qualifying conditions every year?

Yes, You will earn income forever till the business is been generated by your team on a regular basis and you are following Uni System honestly.

Can I get my Group Incentive uninterruptedly without helping my personally sponsored and downline Representatives?

Yes, but in order to generate good Incentive you need to motivate and work as a Leader for your downline.

Is it necessary to attend National Conventions or any other event organized by Uni Finanzo? What would happen if I could not attend such events due to some unavoidable circumstances?

Yes, it is mandatory to attend National Conventions organized by Uni Finanzo, if you want to participate in our Business / Mission. Failing which you will be denied the benefit of all your organizational sales. But in case you could not attend due to some unavoidable circumstances, you need to write a letter to the company with the documentary proof for justifying your circumstances. On the basis of the documents produced by you, company would decide whether to waive your attendance or not. The decision of the company in the regard would be final.

How many Courses an Uni Finanzo Representative needs to sell successfully in a year (from the date of registration) to continue to get the benefit of the Business generated, if any?

In order to get the benefit of Business it is mandatory to Sell at least Two course in a year.

How can I get my lost password?

Mail us a request at support@unifinanzo.com from your registered e-mail id to get your lost password or Tracking Id. Please, include Distributor ID, Username and Mailing address with the request. We will send your password or Tracking Id on your registered mail id as soon as we receive your request.

Can I advertise for the product/service to earn some amount per month or per week for attracting new Customers?

No, this is not legal to advertise any product/service on your own. In case, you invite any legal problem due to any bad advertisement / promotion or due to lack of knowledge to explain / express our Business / Mission to Law enforcing Authorities, company will not be responsible for the same.

I have wrongly entered my Username. How can I change it?

Any kind of modification in Username is not possible once the online registration process is over.

What is the procedure for the Transfer of purchased Product?

Sorry! We do not have any criteria for transfer of ownership, It can only be done in case of Beneficiary Death. You can post your request at support@unifinanzo.com. Company will investigate your request and will keep you updated via email.

I have not submitted the photocopy of my PAN card. Would I be eligible to receive my commission cheques/TDS certificate?

If you have not submitted a photocopy of your PAN card, then please send it as soon as possible. We will not issue any Incentive cheque in absence of proof of your PAN card.

Why one of my Uni Finanzo Representative name from my organization is shown in black?

If any of the names is shown in black, it means the Purchased Product has been disabled or the representative has been terminated.

I have sold Uni Finanzo Packages to many people in my organization; still I have not received any Incentive. Why?

You start receiving commission only when you fulfil the criteria fixed for Income earning. You should follow Uni System honestly.

I have seen online the last commission earned but I have not received it yet.

If you are 18 years of age or more and have shared your PAN details with us then you are requested to wait for at least 10-15 days depending on the location of your residence as all commission cheques are sent either through courier or speed post / registered mail. If you do fulfil the mentioned conditions and still have not received your cheque within this period then mail your query at support@unifinanzo.com

Can I join any other Marketing company dealing with same/different product and doing the business of similar nature?

No, you cannot join any other Marketing company selling same/different product or any other business of similar nature. If we receive any complaint against you that you have joined any other Marketing company or Business of similar nature then you would lose your right to get all pending, forthcoming as well as ongoing commission from Uni Finanzo.

Can we make the payment ( Cash / Demand Draft / Cheque ) for the purchase package to our selling Representatives on behalf of Company ?

Cost of Package should be paid only through Demand Draft / NEFT / IMPS and directly to be sent to the company by the purchasing Representative. If any payment on behalf of the company is made to any selling Representative through any mode, company will not be responsible for any loss (if any). The purchasing Representative himself / herself will be responsible for any such loss (if any).

What will happen if any Representative is found to involve in anti-company activities?

This is very serious, if any Representative is found not working in accordance with our LEGALS (Terms and Conditions) / FAQs or found to indulge in any anti-company activity in any manner or found disturbing the private or public business meeting or seminar organized by Representatives or by the company, all pending, forthcoming as well as ongoing commission from the company, will be denied to him / her with immediate effect and without any notice.

I am sending / posting lots of queries to the company but not getting any response?

Please note no irrelevant queries would be replied by the company. Please do not ask about anything which is even given on our website.

My password and other details are disclosed during online registration for the purchase of Package, what should I do now?

It is your duty to change all the confidential information like password, etc. immediately, after taking all the information from your Selling Representative. We will not be responsible for any mishappening in this regard.

Is it necessary to follow Uni System, LEGALS (TERMS AND CONDITIONS) and other information given on the website www.unifinanzo.com for promoting Business/Mission?

This is mandatory to follow our Uni System, LEGALS(TERMS AND CONDITIONS), FAQs and other information given on our website. Any anti-company activities or non performance of any activity / activities as required for promotion of Business / Mission would amount to suspension / cancellation of all pending, forthcoming as well as ongoing incentive and denial of continuation of contract. Decision of the company in this regard would be final.

Where do I receive my Free Joining kit?

You will receive Package of Free Joining kit from the Company’s regional Office.

Is it necessary to seek permission of the company for production of any Promotional Material for distribution to other Representatives for promotion of Business / Mission?

Yes, you must take a written permission from Uni Finanzo Pvt. Ltd. for Free distribution of the material produced by you to other Representatives. Company does not allow in any circumstances sale of any material produced such as CDs, VCDs, Books, etc. by any Representative to other Representatives directly or indirectly.

I have attended various Conventions / Seminars / Workshops / Training Programmes or meet organized by Uni Finanzo and now I want to organize a Convention / Seminar / Training Programme or meet on my own. Can I do so with the help of my Leaders?

Yes, you may organize any Convention / Seminar / Training Programme or meet on your own. In order to conduct any such event, you need to inform and seek approval of concerned person from Corporate Office. We strongly recommend the entry fees (if required) for any event should be taken only for meeting the expenses of the event and no additional charge should be taken in any circumstances. Please note that any tax (if applicable) is the liability of the organizing Representative(s) of such event and company will not be responsible for any taxes (if applicable)

Could I share information which is not given on our Website www.unifinanzo.com but provided by our senior selling Representatives or others for the promotion of Business / Mission?

Only information available at our website or Company issued document will be considered valid. Any Representative violating this will not be allowed to promote our Business / Mission anymore and his / her all pending forthcoming as well as ongoing commission will immediately be stopped.

Is there any grace period available to complete required condition?

No grace period is available, so you need to complete the required conditions within specified period only.

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